Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Version 5 12 November 2018

Safeguarding Policy

Legal Context The law requires any organisation involving young people and vulnerable adults to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the risk of harm to their welfare is minimised, and where there are concerns, to share them with other local agencies. The relevant legal requirements arise from:

The Children’s Act 1989 The Human Rights Act 1998 The Protection of Children Act 1999 The Sexual Offences (Amendments) Act 2006 The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child The relevant government guidance includes Safe from Harm 1993 Working Together to Safeguard Children 1999 Caring for the Young and Vulnerable 2000

Good Practice In developing this policy, The London Cantorial Singers has taken input from the national amateur music performance association Making Music.

Who are Children or Vulnerable Adults? In this context anyone up to the age of 19 years is a child and considered vulnerable and anyone over 18 years who is or may be unable to take care of themselves or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation is a vulnerable adult.

How The London Cantorial Singers Operates The London Cantorial Singers is a private, volunteer Jewish Orthodox Male voice choir composed of singers, a keyboard musician and a Musical director. A few members drawn from the choir are invited and appointed by the Choir Committee Officers to serve on the committee. A member is co-opted to serve as Accounts examiner. Rehearsals are arranged and run on Wednesday evenings at Wembley United synagogue or sometimes at Kenton United synagogue by our Musical Director or his deputy. Sometimes, rehearsals are arranged at other venues at other times. Arrangements are communicated to members in advance by email, or by phone for those not on email. The London Cantorial Singers does not promote or advertise its activity as suitable for children or vulnerable adults. The Musical director engages a “Young Soloist” Guest Performer who is typically under the age of 18 years, to rehearse and perform with the choir at some of its concerts and events. Choir members are independent adults and a few of the senior members may over time develop a medical condition or disability that could make them vulnerable, within the scope of this policy.

Choir rehearsals and performances are group activities, and there is no need for a member of the choir to be alone with a vulnerable person. The London Cantorial Singers recognises the need to safeguard vulnerable people and the Committee has therefore agreed the following Safeguarding Policy.

The London Cantorial Singers Safeguarding Policy

  1. The London Cantorial Singers publicises this Safeguarding policy on its website at The Musical Director frequently draws this policy to the attention of members and Guest Performers at our rehearsals, concerts and events and to the responsible Parent or Guardian of a vulnerable person.
  2. Vulnerable people at the time of their involvement at a rehearsal or a performance of the choir are welcome to participate in our choral activities, but they must be accompanied always by a responsible Parent or Guardian. These participants (including their responsible Parent or Guardian) must complete and sign a Vulnerable Performer Form that contains their personal details and emergency contact details. This information is kept confidentially on file by the Choir Administrator and can also be accessed and used by the Musical Director.
  3. The London Cantorial Singers will nominate a Designated Person, who will have a current DBS check and who will have attended appropriate training as required. The Designated Person is currently Dr. Anthony Kaiser, who is also a member of the Choir Committee. He can be contacted regarding any Safeguarding matter or incident involving the choir, any of its members or guest performers on or on 07535 568620.
  4. Choir members will report any concerns and incidents to the Designated Person. Detailed Guidance is available from him and he is responsible for the handling of matters arising and their progression and will keep confidential records on behalf of The London Cantorial Singers, within the scope of General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act.
  5. If the Musical Director of The London Cantorial Singers should need to engage the services of other musicians and technicians for rehearsals and performers, then he will apply Safeguarding principles to ensure that these persons are fit and proper persons to work with vulnerable people.
    Changes to this Safeguarding Policy
    This Policy was last updated on 12 November 2018. We often review our policies and procedures and as a result these may be amended from time to time without notice. We recommend that you check our policies periodically as changes may have been made in the intervening period.
    If you want to discuss this or any matter relating to our policies or have a complaint, please contact the Leader and Musical Director of the choir (36, Richfield Road, Bushey, Herts WD23 4RQ – email: or The London Cantorial Singers Data Controller at