Compact Discs

The Choir’s Debut CD

20 Musical Items mainly selected from Synagogue Services throughout the year.
Chazanim Henry Black and David Shine feature prominently and both perform 2 solos with piano accompaniment.

CD Tracks

1. Zoharti Loch

2. Oseh Shalom

3. B’motzoei Menucha

4. V’Lirushalayim Irchah

5. T’veinu

6. Veshomru

7. Yiru Eineinu

8. Der Rebbe Elimelech

9. Hanerot Halalu

10. Shema, Hu Elokeinu

11. Halelukah*
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12. Lo Omus

13. Eilu Devorim

14. Yismechu

15. Hama’avir Bonov

16. Ein Kelokeinu

17. Ribono shel olom

18. Bircas Cohanim

19. Tovo L’fonecha

20. Adon Olam



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The Choir’s Second CD

16 tracks of Jewish Liturgical and Israeli compositions, including the title track,
a setting of the rousing prayer by Weisser from the Selichot service.

Also Bezalel Brun’s setting of Umipnei Chatoeinu,
a rarely performed full choral arrangement with piano accompaniment of the complete work.
A shortened version of this piece is normally sung in Synagogues on Festivals.

Chazanim David Shine & David Rome feature prominently
with piano accompaniment by Daphne Lewis.

CD Tracks

1 L’chu N’ran’no

2 Eilu Devorim

3 La’shem Ho’oretz

4 Yizkor

5 Hashkivenu

6 Hineni

7 Ki Lekach Tov

8 Ahavas Olom

9 Ba’avur Dovid

10 Modim

11 Lo Teida

12 Al Tiro

13 Hayom Te’amtzeinu

14 Havdoloh

15 Umipnei Chatoeinu

16 Yigdal



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